A Security Alarm System has to be the ultimate deterrent to the criminals walking our streets. After all, why would they choose your premises, if it’s quite obvious you have a Security System fitted?
Just take a look down your street and you’ll soon see who has protection and who doesn’t.
Installing a Security System in your home or business will improve your security beyond all doubts!
  • Our systems operate from mains electricity and in the event of a power failure, will automatically switch over to standby battery. When the power is restored, it will automatically recharge the battery.
  • Our systems have 2 or more audible noisemakers, in case one should fail, the others will still operate. External noisemakers are fitted in tamper resistant covers, internal noisemakers are positioned in discreet protected areas.
  • Keypads can be installed in entry/exit points for your convenience and in the bedroom end of the house for night arming. Whilst asleep at night you can select to have designated areas on, providing protection for you, your wife and your children.
    You can also control your system using key fobs which attach to your key ring for convenience.
  • Your security system has the ability to be remotely armed, so if you forget to arm your system when you leave your premises, you simply call in and arm your system via your mobile phone.
  • To comply with the noise pollution act, our alarms will sound for 5 minutes only, then automatically switch back to the "on guard" condition, maintaining the protection of your premises.
  • For maximum security you can have your system linked to an alarm monitoring station that monitors your system 24hrs per day, 7 days per week.
    (A small weekly monitoring fee is charged.)
  • We source all products, investigate all brands, and put together a package that we believe is the best you can get.
  • All Coast Security gives a 2 year warranty on all parts and labour to every Alarm installed.
  • All Coast Security can tailor a system to suit your needs.
  • Our systems comply with Australian Standards and State Noise Pollution laws.
  • We install in new homes, existing dwellings, shops, factories, warehouses, offices, schools etc.
  • We install systems from as small as a single detector system in a small shop, right up to building maintenance systems, that can do anything from providing a night alarm, to lift control, to locking/unlocking the doors morning and night.
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