Ducted Vacuum

Unlike portable vacuum systems which can recirculate dust in your home, a ducted vacuum system removes contacted dirt, dust, pollens and other allergens out of living areas and into a drum usually located in the garage to help improve indoor air quality for your family.
Ducted vacuum systems can have up to 5 times more cleaning power than most portable vacuums.The power unit is located well away from living areas, so you can vacuum without disturbing others in your home.
Pipe work is installed thru wall cavities, roof and sub-floor spaces to connect to strategically placed vacuum inlets.
Each slimline inlet valve starts the power unit automatically when you plug in your hose and turns off again when the hose is removed.
We can install a flush mounted vacusweep in your kitchen kickboard. To activate the vacusweep simply lift the foot switch to the on position, sweep dirt, crumbs etc to the vacusweep and when finished just use your foot to close the vacusweep and cut off the suction.
All Coast Security stock a range of vacuum parts and accessories.
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