Why you need your Security System Monitored.

When an alarm is activated, normally it triggers external sirens and lights, along with internal screamers.  Maybe you've heard one going off?  Did you call anyone? Most people don't.  We all tend to assume someone else will do something about it.
Even if you did call, say the police, the chances are they won't attend.  Certainly not straight away.  Today, police are demanding that alarms be confirmed.  At the very least, they want to know key holders are on their way.  If it is your home or business that is being robbed, you will want someone to attend.

If it is a duress alarm, a medical alert, fire or critical equipment, you will want more than noise, you will want a response. The thing is, help is always at hand 24/7.  And that help is only a phone call away. 
You need to figure out though, who is going to make that call.  By default, it’s not going to be you - you either won't be there, or you will be the one in need of emergency help.  You can't rely on neighbours, they are not always there, even less passers-by. This is why security experts recommend monitoring.  Monitoring turns an ordinary alarm into a security system.  Within seconds of your alarm activating, highly trained personnel are calling police, ambulance, fire, security patrols or personal contacts - with instructions determined by YOUR needs.
It may be the most important call you will never make, and because we make it for you, help will be on the way.